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The Power of Connection

This month highlights both mental health awareness and maternal mental health, with the themes of loneliness and the power of connection. The last 2 years have shown us that both have a huge impact on our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

This weekend I hosted an Open Day, the event became so much more than just highlighting my business. It was wonderful to see people coming together, sharing their lives and stories, and taking time out for themselves. It was a safe space for everyone to come to feel rested, nurtured and supported.

I am sharing my story in the hope that someone may feel less alone and reach out for the support and help they may need..

This is me with the first member of #teamtranquil.

I have mixed emotions looking at this picture.. I see me outwardly looking happy about to celebrate my first Mother's Day with my beautiful girl.. but it is bittersweet, as now I can also see someone who was struggling emotionally, inwardly dealing with PND and anxiety unable to reach out and talk to someone, anyone..

Not long after this, I began to access more groups and eventually found one where I felt comfortable. To me and the friends I made there, it became affectionately known as Booby Group!! It was such a lovely supportive group, where we could talk about anything and everything, I felt less alone knowing others were going through similar issues to me..

I'm not sure what the catalyst was for me reaching out, maybe it was a post like this or a gentle nudge from someone. But I'm so glad I did, it got me through it and eventually out of the other side..

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